Camp Avenue San Juan La union

Do you agree that the best trips never really end? Perhaps, you are looking for another places to spend your time with your families and peers, and keep your travels and trips going on.

Maybe you are already bored on doing things just in same places with no new thrills in them. Why not try visiting Camp Avenue in San Juan, La Union? Yes, it’s a great place for you!

Here’s what it has to offer you, travel enthusiasts and adventurers!
               A white sand beach perfect for swimming and surfing, and with many tourist spots where every visitor, camper, and tourist can enjoy playing some activities and team building games, and a lot more.

The beach has a perfect place for bookworms for it has a library containing different worthy-to-be-read books. You and your friends can also have a really fun jamming session with some musical instruments available for all. What an unforgettable and happy experiences it could be for you and your loved ones.

Camp Avenue in San Juan La Union is perfect for exploration of amazing sceneries anyone wants to experience and witness. You can enjoy and have a fun and exciting experiences in its beautiful and colorful huts and landscapes decorated with nature’s beauty, and a night of colorful lights and shades it provides. Besides, the site offers variety of foods that are perfect for staying and overnight chills and relaxations. Foods and drinks are affordable and delicious The amenities are budget-friendly, and the site provides safety to all its visitors.

Other man-made designs can also be seen and can be a picture-taking spots perfect for instagrammable photos and memories. So what are you waiting for? You and your families and love ones can be some of the visitors and travelers who could make a best of your stay-cation in this place. Yes! Your best trips and travel experiences never really end! Camp Avenue can prove it to you!


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