Chinese Temple in Bauang, La Union

There’s a lot of things you can do in La union aside from surfing in the  beautiful beaches.There is no entrance fee to visit Ma Cho Temple the first Taoist temple in the Philippines!

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The Ma Cho Temple

Where is it located:

   The temple is located at Barangay II San Fernando City, La Union it is easy to find as it is one the main highway infront of Caltex         

When was it built:

    The Temple was built on a large 1 hectar land 70 feet above sea level, overlooking the sea on September 11, 1975 together with  the Chinese- Filipino Community, Taiwan laborers helped build the building under the  famous Architect Thomas Diokno.

So why is it called Ma Cho Temple?

       According to Chinese, Ma Cho is a deity born in 960 AD in the village of Meizhou at the Fujian province, known to be gifted with healing powers and able to predict the weather and sea condition even days ahead. Locals named her as “Goddess of the Sea”


Upon entering you can see the Chinese Saints in different post by the wall leading to the large court yard

with the fish ponds and cute water lilys.

Aside from the top view façade of the temple you can also see the Kuan Yi Ma of God of Mercy in the garden

And Liang Thing Pagoda       

    After the top view to I went down to see the two storey Temple and the caretaker told me that I could come inside. I was really astonished when I saw the intricate details carve on the walls of the Spider-type dome. Like Wow!  They told me that it was a rare type of dome not even found in Taipei or other Chinese country. 

Inside the meditation room there were red kneelers and a staircase leading to Ma Cho’s image wearing the traditional Chinese head dress and rich colored robe, her eyes are closed while her hands are clasped together in her chest.

Going out of the meditation area was an eye capturing moment  for me cause I could see the  Majestic Five  Door Gate facing the blue line of the sea with matching nice sunset.

Golden emblem of a Dragon and statues of animals  on the hallway believed to be as good luck charms.

The Taoist Temple is not only for Chinese but there are also Catholics who visits here. This place really inspired me to put on more respect to Chinese people and their culture. Wish you could all visit this place you’ll never know, you might find luck here.

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