Bali Bali Escape Sual Pangasinan

Are you looking for a relaxing and perfect place to unwind and have a break from your stressful work? Do you need to chill out with your friends and family and at the same time make wonderful experiences with them?  Bali Bali Escape is the sure answer to your question. Bali Bali Escape is located at Sitio Baquioen, Sual, Pangasinan. It is the entry point for all tourists heading to Hundred Islands. In Alaminos City from the same province.

Sual is one of the places in Pangasinan that have many tourist spots. Its Bali Bali Escape is known for its Tree House seated on a hilltop in a privet property. It is an ideal destination for every outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are a motorist finding a place to rest, or you’re a tourist discovering beautiful places, Bali Bali must be on your list.

  Aside from a lovely view of nature it offers for every tourist, Bali Bali Escape, (“Balibali” or beautiful) is a sure relaxing place that has an excellent environment and provides a soothing, calming feeling when you breathe in its fresh air. Every capture of your friends for a photo in such a place gives really instagrammable pictures where you cannot help but to go back. The place is also safe for all its visitors. Clean amenities are waiting for everyone visiting or staying there. You can also have exciting activities with your friends and families, and enjoy unlimited shots of photos from its spots of many choice—beautiful plants and trees, green fields, tree house, beach, and many more!

Other enjoying and magical experience you can have is the view from atop of the hill. It is a great feeling to have a swing while witnessing the beauty of nature isn’t it? Green grasses and rocks of amazing formations, the view of the beach with its beautiful blue hue and sparkling waves against the sunlight, and lofty trees and mountains that are really amazing to look at are only some of the beautiful sceneries you can have with your family and friends. You can also enjoy safe stay there in a bamboo hut.

They must not be missed in your photoshoots, selfies, and groupies. Yes! The magnificent view in Bali Bali Escape is for you!

Bali Bali Escape is turning 6 months old this July 2021. At present, the owner/operator provides a tree house accommodation & glamping. You can really enjoy the amenities near the tree house. Lots of tourists have been there and you would not want to miss the experience at Bali Bali Escape.


 Picture taking
 Chill with friends


From Dagupan City, take a bus or van and ask the driver to drop you at Sual public market. From there, hire a tricycle going to Baquioen – Mangas. For easy travel going back, make sure to get the driver’s contact number so you can just text him/her to pick you up from your destination.

1-2 Hours

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