Natividad Pangasinan

The Municipality of Natividad is among the many fascinating and vibrant tourist spots in Pangasinan where you can enjoy your short vacation or adventurous activities whether you are with your friends or families. This place in Pangasinan, because of its panoramic view, offers exciting and experience-filled spots you could enjoy. Many visitors not only those from the Province but also from other places like Tarlac, Pampanga, and Manila  grab the exciting times to visit this place to exude their boredom and escape for a while from the pandemic-saturated environment. One spot in Natividad, and where hiking is great to do, is the Skyplaza. Lying atop the mountain after an exciting and bustling hiking, you shall see the amazing view of the place where you can have unlimited and instagrammable picture taking.

Another is the Municipality’s famous Maranum Falls. It lies 5-to-3-minute distance away from Skyplaza. You can have your swimming and exciting activities there while enjoying the view. To maintain cleanliness and safety, the place promotes some policies like no smoking (cigarette or vape) and no foods allowed in the premises of the spot.

Aside from the Skyplaza and Maranum Falls, Natividad has another beautiful place for you to visit and enjoy, the R. Reb’s Farm. It’s another spot you can enjoy especially the New Zealand-like view of the farm. You can have your picture-taking with the realistic New Zealand view. You can also feel the coll breeze in the morning because it lies near the mountain.

You can have different activities in Natividad so start including this place in your list. The Municipality offers other activities like fishing, bonfiring, horse riding, archery, the famous “Kawa Hot Bath,” and many others.

You and your friends or families can also enjoy an overnight stay in the places. Huts where you want to stay are available for rent at P1500 which is good for 6 to 10 persons or P240, good for 2-4 persons. For further information at your convenience, feel free to contact this number: 09076501680.

For delicious food at affordable prices together with the Instagram able place while enjoying, you may dine or order food at AJ’s Picnic Grove. They deliver freshly-cooked foods.

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